Completion Date
December 2020
Changsha, Hunan
Paris Design Awards 2022,Silver
Berlin Design Awards 2022,Honorable Mention
International Residential Architecture Awards 2022,Winner

Global Center·DAME located in the core area of Meixihu new international CBD,Changsha, China. The project boasts breathtaking lake scenery and is adjacent to Meixihu International Culture and Arts Center designed by Zaha. The project is also equipped with the first international luxury brand hotel in Central China, Hotel Indigo. The project combines the irreplicable lake scenery and the promising city supporting facilities.

The innovative designs of public space in luxury large floor flats have contributed to exclusive living experience. The mutually open and closely interactive public space such as the living room, dining room, bar counter and the kitchen mixed with Chinese and western styles enable multi-functional scenarios, family gathering, banquet among families and friends, business networking and solitude. “Diversified scenarios, free functions, social at home” are only product-based illustrations. In shaping ingenuous life forms, the mainline guiding the design lies in observing views on family, life, society and values. It responds to the profound problem of how to exchange, convey and unleash positive feelings such as love, harmony, warmth, understanding, trust, respect and tolerance through space at home.